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What We Can Do for You

Rapid Prototyping

Our well-rounded RP capabilities include 3D CAD and 3D printing, UI/UX prototyping toolsets, multiple software and firmware libraries, and a broad range of embedded system development environments that enable Realtime to quickly produce a prototype for your product demo.

3D Design, Modelling & Printing

We utilize our in-house 3D Stereolithography (SLA) printing capabilities to provide fast realization of mechanical parts.    3D printed parts can be used to provide immediate feedback from potential customers on size, touch, feel and usability, which can greatly reduce timeline for critical Human Factors evaluations.   They can also provide a compelling and tangible proof-of-concept for the end client, who will be impressed by your realistic
product design.

Design Services

We use a human-centered design approach to innovate products that address the most complex user needs.


Visualize the Possibilities.


Your product needs to be safe, effective and adopted. Our approach ensures that.

UI/UX Experience & Prototyping

Whether your product will be controlled through a touch panel, mobile app, or a web interface, a design based on intuitive user interaction and ergonomics can make or break success.    Realtime draws on our extensive library of proven UI/UX solutions and toolsets for rapidly creating and improving interfaces based on solid practices of Human Factors.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... those that carry us forward are dreams."

HG Wells

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